Episode 042: Office 365 for Education, An Overview (1)

Welcome to a new episode of Free Teacher PD:  Part 1 of Office 365 for Education, An Overview, with Letia Cooper

Would you like to have access to your Microsoft Office programs and documents from anywhere and with any device?

Office 365 for Education allows you to do just that – it gives teachers and students access to the Microsoft Office Suite of programs at any time and from anywhere. And perhaps most importantly, since it is available for Windows PCs and tablets, as well as for Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices – you can access it using almost any device.

In this podcast episode, and Part 2 which follows, join Letia Cooper as she provides an overview of Office 365 for Education.  She will discuss some of the options and features it offers and provides, including free email, website building, online document editing, and cloud storage.

In addition, Letia will share how you or your students can use the online calendar to keep track of assignments or appointments. She will also cover how you can use Office 365 to collaborate with colleagues and peers in real time.

Please join Letia to learn about many of the great features and benefits that Office 365 for Education has to offer students and educators.

Let’s get learning!



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