Episode 036: Facilitate a Writing Workshop Using Google Docs (1)

Welcome to a new episode of Free Teacher PD:  Part 1 of Facilitate a Writing Workshop Using Google Docs, with Susan Oxnevad.

How would you like you like to improve your students’ writing skills along with their technology skills? In this podcast episode, and the one which follows, you will learn how to utilize the many features available in Google Docs to facilitate a digital writing workshop and maximize writing instruction in the 24/7 classroom.

Please join me to welcome Susan Oxnevad as she covers how to:

Use sharing and commenting tools combined with cooperative grouping strategies to provide students with immediate feedback.

Help students improve writing skills by teaching them to use the integrated reference and writing tools available.

Monitor student progress using the revision history feature.

Put the tools together to enjoy the benefits of using these online digital writing tools to support all learners.

Let’s get learning!




Full Video Recording Here: