Episode 027: Designing and Implementing Formative Assessments, It’s Easier than You Think (2)

Welcome to a new episode of Free Teacher PD:  Part 2 of Designing and Implementing Formative Assessments: It’s Easier than You Think, with Dr. Jayme Linton.

You will remember Jayme from episodes 6 and 7 on Google Forms and episodes 11 and 12 on Marzano’s instructional strategies.  Yes, she’s that popular around the halls of the SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community.

And, with reason… she brings tons of accolades to everything she does… but when you boil it down, Dr. Linton is just one fine teacher-trainer and we’re thrilled and proud to have her as a friend of the Teacher Learning Community.

So, I’ll stop my introduction so you can listen to one of the best in the business, Jayme Linton.

Let’s get learning!




Full Video Recording Here: