Episode 002: Survival Tips for Teaching with Technology (1)

Welcome to our first “real episode” of Free Teacher PD.

I’m Michael Werner, and it’s an honor to be your host for what we hope will become a go-to podcast for you.

And, what better way to kick off this new podcast series than with one SimpleK12’s Teacher Learning Community’s most favorite presenters, Shelly Terrell.

I’ll tell you more about Shelly in Part 2 of this topic.

Today we’re going to present Part 1 of a great webinar audio from SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY.

Many of today’s learners have daily access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that push their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to new heights.

The KEY QUESTIONS that this episode will answer are:

How do we best support learning with ICTs so that students stay on track and aren’t navigating alone?


How do we use technology in a way that promotes creativity and critical thinking skills?


Please join me now in welcoming Shelly Terrell as she shares tips for managing a classroom full of technology and suggests ways that teachers can effectively integrate technology to support higher order thinking skills.

Let’s get learning!

Full Video Recording Here: